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Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.

♥ Are you sad ? ♥

It’s that time again ! 

So, I just recently got promoted at work and I have a little extra money lying around. I’ve already saved up some of it for things like school, home improvement stuff, and ect., but I also have extra moo-lah left over for frivolous and fun things ! ~ I’ve been SUPER into Animal Crossing: New Leaf lately. My little sister and I for a while have been playing every night together. 

I also wanted to do something for my followers. I reached 1,000 a little while ago and just wow ajsodijasiodja That’s a lot. For me, anyways. And I appreciate every single one of you. n_n ♥ So I wanted to thank you guys ! I know not everyone is into Animal Crossing, but it’s something I’ve really been enjoying lately and I feel like the fandom deserves some more TLC. x3

Anyways, enough of this. Here’s the important stuff and other junk.

~*What Winners Will Get*~

  1. A plushie of any choice above. (Reese, Isabelle, Brewster, Kicks (EEEEEE♥), Fauna, Nook, KK Slider, Bunnie, Cyrus, Kapp’n, Resetti, and Rover) 
  2. ONE of the DS skins above.
  3. ~*Special Prize*~ If you have Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Which I hope the people who reblog this already have the game but whatever…)  I’ll give you 500k Bells in game. 
  4. ~*Special Prize*~ If you’re an animal crossing blog I’ll promote your blog. 


  • Most importantly, this is for my followers. The last contest I did was for anyone and everyone under the sun. But I wanted to say a special thank you to you guys ! So you must be following me. SorrySorrySorry.  
  • Obviously you need to be okay with giving me your address.
  • If you want the 500k bells you need to be okay with exchanging friend codes with me and letting me come to your town. 
  • Reblogs only. Please be mindful of your followers and don’t reblog more than once. 
  • No give away blogs. 
  • Contest ends on May 3rd, 2014. (I get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month so I wasn’t gonna drag it out ‘til the 15th so that’s why it’s ending so soon… -w-)  
  • I will reveal the winners either in the evening on May 3rd or sometime on May 4th. DO NOT RUSH ME TO POST. I was rushed by a small little herd of Tumblr users last contest and that was really irritating. Please be patient with me, I have a job, bills, and a house to take care of. 

At the end of the contest I’ll be posting the winners and what the chose and ect. to let everyone know when the contest is closed. 

Good luck !!!! :D

Posted on: Monday April 28th 2014
Tagged with: #Animal Crossing #New Leaf #Animal Crossing New Leaf #Contest
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